5 Inexpensive Special Touches to Add to Your Wedding Day

If you've been following along long enough, you know I LOVE a good deal & don't mind doing a little extra work to save money. I am a thrift queen. A penny pincher. A dumpster diver DIY-er... You name it. & I don't for one second fall into the trap that more expensive on your wedding day = better.

Here's some really inexpensive (& free) things you can add for more memories the day of & for years to come:

1. Write letters to each other to open before the ceremony.

As a photographer, I've seen this done at SO many weddings and it chokes me up every single time. It's so special & calms some of those pre-wedding nerves to get to hear from your soon to be hubby/wifey. AND it makes for an amazing keepsake. Keep those letters, put them in a special place. & every anniversary, open them back up & write new letters to one another as your love & family grows. I know, #goals right!!!

2. Make a personalized hanger for your dress.

I know... Hannah, what the heck is so special about a hanger? You'll quickly find out when you get your wedding photos back & your GORGEOUS dress is hanging from a plastic ratty hanger in all your getting ready photos. Just trust me & spend the $10 on a cute little hanger, you & your photographer will thank me later! (If you want, make it a fun DIY project to do with your bridesmaids before the wedding!)

3. Don't get so wrapped up in the decor that you forget about the PARTY.

This is a biggie for me. I personally want my own wedding to be like a party & not a formal event. I want people to mingle & play games & relax, not worry about a silly rigid timeline & who-sits-where ordeal, because that's not Benny & I's personality. So while we're taking our photos after the ceremony we're planning on having outdoor games (corn hole, huge jenga), 2 fire pits going, opening the bar, and starting some tunes early... Because I invited these people for a reason, I want them to have FUN and CELEBRATE with us. Decorations are cool and all, but flowers and shiny things can only entertain someone for so long...

4. Forget the traditional guest book.

If you're like 99% of the population, after your wedding your guest book is going to sit on a shelf and collect dust. Now I don't know about you, but I have enough "junk" around my house already. Instead of a book, use a sign or large wooden letter of your last initial. Now you've got some cute wall decor for your new place + the memories of who attended your special day all in one! Here's some Pinterest ideas I found:

5. Have a final dance with just you two.

After you've been surrounded by people ALL day, it is so romantic & refreshing to have a moment, in your venue that you spent all that $$$ on & took all that time to decorate, to have a dance with just each other. Finally married. This typically works best if you ask everyone to head on out & get ready for the exit (whether that be with sparklers, bubbles, bird seed, etc). I already can't wait for this moment on my day... Maybe even more than our first dance.... Because it's just you two. Finally married. (& freaking pumped for the honeymoon!!!)

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