Make It More Than Just A Galley (4 things to do when you get your photos back!!!)

SWEEETTTTT, your photographer just emailed you with your beautiful gallery of photos!!!! & dang do you look good.

Before you get all wrapped up in gawking over them or lose that email in the bottom of your inbox, here's some things you need to consider:

1) GET THOSE PUPPIES PUT SOMEWHERE SAFE. Your photographer is not your eternal filing cabinet & those photos won't stay online forever. I ALWAYS recommend to my clients to store digital files with extra precaution because technology is unpredictable. To be super safe, put them on multiple laptops, a thumb drive, & most importantly, GET THEM SUCKERS ON THE CLOUD. Don't ever trust a single source to keep your pictures safe. You don't want to be the bride 20 years from now that lost all of her wedding pictures.

2) Even MORE important than getting your digital files printed (at least to me), is PRINTING your photos. Granted, you may not need a copy of your 500 wedding photos laying around your house. BUT, having your favs printed & framed & displayed is so so important and special. I know we live in a digital world, but don't forget to get the most out of your sessions and preserve your pictures in a tangible way. (PS, moms & grandmas always love pics of their babies as gifts, just sayin')...

3) Don't forget to share your favorites! Especially with weddings, ensure your guests photos are taken care of and that they can put their phones away & be present in the moment. Do this, but then don't forget to share your gallery with them!!! It's a win-win, you don't have people's iPhones in your wedding photos and you whole Facebook fam gets to see how cute you are.

4) & if you're feeling extra lovey inside and truly adore your photos, don't forget to tell your photographer & leave them a review. Trust me, one of my favorite things is hearing back from my past clients about how much they love their pictures or how good I made them feel on their shoot. I promise we aren't just doing this for money, we genuinely ENJOY our peeps and want to have relationships with y'all. WE SO APPRECIATE YOU!!!

I cherish photos to the extreme (I have a happy-wall in my room that's entirely composed of 4x6's of my favorite childhood pictures). In an ever-growing technology world, don't forget to make the most of your pictures & keep them safe for years to come.

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