You just got engaged!!! Now what...

Ahh congrats beautiful!!! I am so stinkin' excited for you!

I know you must be feeling lots of things right now, most of all excitement!!! But if you're anything like me, a slight panic may have just set in as well. This is the day you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl... I'm sure you've envisioned your dress, the venue, your cake, and most of all your MANSSSS!!! But... when it actually comes to putting pen on paper and making this dream a reality, sometimes the fairytale can very quickly turn into a nightmare. Don't freak out yet!!! I'm right in the same boat with you... & having seen & been involved in the details of so many weddings myself, I want to promise you it's all going to come together & give you some starter tips to get you going in the right direction.

1. Set a budget.

This is going to look SO different for everyone. Maybe you want a big traditional wedding, maybe you're planning on eloping. Regardless, you've got to start somewhere. Things add up FAST when you're planning a wedding (don't worry, I'll be doing some future blog posts on how to keep those expenses down!) so you really want to set that limit early on in the planning!

2. Figure out your top 2 or 3 priorities.

This was a no-brainer for me! Mine was an amazing & fun photographer & Benny's was a large, rustic venue. Maybe yours is your dress or your honeymoon... Whatever it is, that's GREAT! Narrow down what you want to spend the most on and don't skimp out. I think too often brides get so overwhelmed with all the little details, they forget to give extra attention to what they care about most. Yes, this may mean we won't have lavish catering... but I don't give a flip! Why?! Because I know what I REALLY want out of my day is covered. & that makes moving forward with planning so much less stressful!

3. Find vendors you TRUST and LOVE.

I can not stress this one enough!!! It breaks my heart the amount of times I've had friends share how much they hated their wedding photos/video/DJ/food they spent TONS of money on... Let me tell you, building a relationship with your vendors is so important!!! You want to make sure they're organized, responsive, creditable, and just simply NICE... Ask to see past work, ask to set up a tasting, read reviews, meet them in person... I promise you won't regret putting in the extra time to make sure who you're paying a LOT for is really going to treat you right on your big day.

4. Assign your "in charge" person.

This doesn't have to be a wedding coordinator, mine personally isn't. It's my beautiful aunt!!! But think about it, on your wedding day you don't want a bajillion questions about "where does this go", "where is so and so", "the DJ is here where do they set up".... Not to mention all the texts you are likely to receive on your wedding day about silly little details. Do yourself a favor, assign someone you trust AND have planned details with beforehand to handle all the behind the scenes work. Hand your phone to your bridesmaid. It's your day, you don't want to be herding cats all morning. Don't be that bridezilla... Hehe


It doesn't all have to get done overnight. Give yourself some extra time on your timeline. Don't freak out. Sign up for helpful tips on Wedding Wire/The Knot. Buy a planner (I literally LOVE mine, I'll link it below). But don't do it all on your own!!! People are EXCITED for you day and they want to help!!!! Let them!

I'm so excited for you gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to take this ride together!!!


Hannah Banana

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